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Gas Welding & Cutting Equipments

Welding Torch

  • ISI approved
  • These are used for gas welding. These are suitable for following purposes:
  1. Gas Welding with Oxy - Carbide Gas
  2. Gas Welding with Oxy - DA Gas
  3. Gas Welding with Oxy - Hydrogen Gas
  4. Gas Welding & Heating with Oxy - LPG
  5. Brazing with Oxy - LPG/ Hydrogen/ Coal Gas

LPG Heating Torch

  • Used for heating the material with LPG gas.
  • Available with different burners as per requirements.
  • Made of optimum quality raw material which has long life and high temperature resistant making it safe to use.

High Pressure Heating Torch

  • Used for heating at high pressure.
  • Can be used both with Oxy - LPG as well as Oxy - DA.
  • Comes with spray burner which can be used to heat a wider area.