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Gas Welding & Cutting Equipments

Gas Cutter

  • ISI approved
  • Suitable for cutting of ferrous metals.
  • Suitable for cutting with both oxy - acetylene or oxy - fuel gases with only difference being that of cutting nozzle.
  • Made especially from forged material.
  • Provided with standard repairing kit to ensure longer life.
  • Available in different lengths as per requirement of customer.

A-DL9 90º Angle Head Cutter (for general use)
A-DL18 Straight Head Cutter

Gas Cutting Nozzle

  • ISI approved
  • Used with gas cutter.
  • Available separately for cutting with oxy - acetylene gas ('A' type) and with oxy - fuel gas ('B' type).
  • 'ARCON' cutting nozzles are famous for its precise cutting which leads to saving of gas, material as well as time.

Pug Cutting Machine

  • Suitable for cutting ferrous metal sheets and plates in straight direction.
  • Can also be used for circular cutting using circular cutting attachment provided with the machine.
  • Curved surface of the body provides ample cooling space for drive motor and also prevents spatter from sticking to the surface.