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Metalayer – Electrodes for Hardsurfacing

Hardsurfacing is the application of wear-resistant alloy to metal parts subject to destructive wear caused by abrasion, impact, compression and corrosion.

The Martensitic types (Metalayer 3, 6, 9, 9LH) offer the lowest cost-hardness ratio. these air-harden roughly in proportion to their carbon and alloy levels.

The work-hardening types (Metalayer 12 and Metalayer C) are ideal build up alloys and also offer unique resistance to gouging and impact or coarse particle abrasion.

Metalayer 15, a alloyed cast iron type, is resistant to abrasion and metal to metal wear. The metalayer hardfacing range are extremely easy to operate and offers economic solutions to repair and maintenance.
Metalayer 3
Metalayer 6
Metalayer 9
Metalayer 9LH
Metalayer CMN

Build up-Work Hardening
Metalayer 12
Metalayer C

Alloy Cast Iron type
Metalayer 15


Zyrod – Electrodes for Maintenance and repairs

Fusion has developed its Zyrod range of Low Heat Input Welding Alloys looking at the needs of the Maintenance Engineer and to establish the following objectives.

Zyrod electrodes for Cast Iron( Zyrod 3, Zyrod 6 and Zyrod 9) not only enable us to weld with a short arc and at a minimum amperage but they also avoid the formation of structures susceptible to cracking.

For fine grained, low alloyed, difficult to weld steel ( Zyrod 33, Zyrod 36, Zyrod 39 and Zyrod 42.)

Zyrod electrodes for stainless steel welding(Zyrod 63, Zyrod 66) enable you to weld at a very low amperage, reduce the local heat input. There is almost no spattering and only the minimum of finishing is required.

Zyrod electrodes for Hardsurfacing(Zyrod 303, Zyrod 306, Zyrod 312). For chamfering, gouging and cutting of all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals Fusion's Saber electrode. Saber melts the metal and the forceful arc-stream blows the Molten Metal away without air support.

Cast Iron
Zyrod 3
Zyrod 6
Zyrod 9

Low Alloyed
Zyrod 33
Zyrod 36
Zyrod 39
Zyrod 42

Stainless Steel
Zyrod 63
Zyrod 66

Zyrod 303
Zyrod 306
Zyrod 312