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Gas Welding & Cutting Equipments

Industrial Gas Manifold System

  • Used to connect many cylinders to an outlet device to ensure continuous flow of gas.
  • These are customised products made as per requirements of customers. Additional features may be used in the manifold as per requirements.

Two-Way Valve

  • Used to connect a cylinder to two outlet valves.
  • User is free to use either of two valves at a time and also both the valve at a time.
  • Are available separately for oxygen & fuel gases.

Flow Meter

  • Used to measure flow rate of gas.
  • Polycarbonate tube is used instead of glass which leads to greater life and higher clarity.
  • High quality aluminium knob is used which has long life.

CO2 Constant Pre-Heater

  • Used generally with CO2 regulator. Since CO2 gas is cold gas and often converts to solid state, CO2 heater is used to heat the solid form of CO2 gas and converts it to gas form.
  • Available in two variants:
  1. 110V to 220V
  2. 46V

Pressure Tester

  • Used to check the pressure in gas cylinders.
  • Comes with German make 'WIKA' pressure gauges which are highly accurate.
  • Available for different gases.

Cylinder Opening Key

  • Used to open the valve of gas cylinders.
  • Made of high strength iron alloy.

Customised Products

We also specialise in manufacturing customised products. Our team of technicians regularly undertake special projects to manufacture complex items as per requirements of the clients.