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Spectra – Electrodes for Austenitic stainless Steels

When welding stainless steels of similar composition, the choice of electrode is simple – match the composition of the stainless steel.
When welding dissimilar stainless steels the electrode need only match the composition of the lower alloy.

The welding of completely dissimilar steels together, such as type 304 stainless to mild structural steel requires a tough, ductile, crack-resistant weld metal to hold the two steels together.

The weld metal has to have levels of Chromium and Nickel or Manganese (like Spectra18, Spectra18 Mo and Spectra 30), to take care of the wash-in / dilution and prevent the formation of brittle, crack-sensitive intermediate products.
Rutile Types AWS
Spectra 3 E308-16
Spectra 6 E347-16
Spectra 9 E308L-16
Spectra 12 E316-16
Spectra 12L E316L-16
Spectra 15 E318-16
Spectra 18 E309-16
Spectra 18L E309L-16
Spectra 18Mo E309Mo-16
Spectra 30 E307-26


Celectra – Cellulosic Type Electrodes

Cellulosic electrodes are used mainly for welding of Cross-country pipelines and where ever deep penetration is required.

The electrodes are characterized by forceful, spray type arcs resulting in deep penetrating welds in all positions including vertical down. The slag is thin, friable and easily removed.

Medium and High Tensile Steel AWS
Celectra 3 6010